To Your Health and to your happy mouth and wallet!

Have you ever picked up a copy of our handy “To Your Health” Food Chart & Seasonal Produce Guide in our stores?  Usually found in the Front End near our Customer Service stands, it is an AWESOME list of what fresh produce to eat, WHEN. 

Produced by two of Oliver's very talented employees, Karen Hayden, our staff Nutritional Consultant, along with Kirsty Leach, our Lead Graphics Designer, this handsome, handy booklet is chock-full of useful info, including which fresh fruits and vegetables are LOCAL and in season. 
The inside is broken down into a section on vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and the four food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber, with loads of advice on how to better absorb these available nutrients through savvy shopping and food-planning. 

If you're a visual learner, the colorful illustrations engage your eyes and mind (and stomach, if you're me!) while the wealth of information seeps in, reminding us to get out of our food ruts and eat something new. 

And if better nutritional choices aren't enough motivation, seasonal foods cost less, travel less and taste better and fresher because they are! 

So swing by our Front End and grab a copy to take with you or look for the “To Your Health” link at the bottom of our Produce Department page here on our website for a digital version.  Lower your carbon footprint, enjoy tastier food, support local growers and save some cash.  We all win!

To Your Health

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