Things to do with Coffee Besides Drinking It

Coffee makes the world go ’round – but it doesn’t have to be limited to just a drink! Coffee has tons of every-day uses besides waking you up. Go beyond the coffee cup and get creative!

  1. Scrub away cellulite- Mix 1/2 c. of coffee grounds with 1/4 c. coarse brown sugar, damped with olive oil and rub on the targeted areas.
  2. Use in dry rubs- Ground coffee beans can be added to any dry rub mix for steak or pork. Just add a couple of tablespoons to your desired dry rub for a little added smoky flavor.
  3. Remove under-eye bags- Use grounds to remove bags under tired eyes. Mix some grounds with water, apply underneath your eyes and let the mixture dry. After 15 minutes, wipe the paste off carefully.
  4. Exfoliate your skin- Massage used coffee groups into your skin then rinse off. Use daily, or as desired.
  5. Deter slugs- sprinkle coffee grounds around flower or vegetable beds to keep the slugs away!
  6. Stain your own furniture! – Brew a pot, pour the grounds back into the pot and you’re ready to go!
  7. Natural flea-repellent- Rub coffee grounds into your dog’s fur after giving them a bath.
  8. Make your own air freshener- We think there’s nothing quite as wonderful as a pot of coffee brewing. Double up two women’s stockings, fill them with 1/2 c. of fresh grounds and tie a not in it. Place this homemade air freshener around your home! You can also place this in your refrigerator to eliminate strong onion odor.
  9. Enrich your compost bin- Coffee is rich in nitrogen, which is a great addition to your compost bin. Collect a few weeks’ worth of grounds and toss them on your compost pile.
  10. Clean your hands- Use wet grounds to remove odor by rubbing them on your fingers, then rinse. Ideal for anything that leaves a strong odor on hands.
  11. Clean out your garbage disposal- combine grounds with a cup of water, and pour the mixture into a running garbage disposal to clean and sharpen the blades.
  12. Add grounds to brownies- For a hint of java flavor in your chocolate brownies, add a tablespoon or two of grounds to your mix.

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