The Ruminators: Wild West

In 1996, I recorded the ruminators 2nd CD, wild west. It was the first full length album that I produced at Jackalope Records studio, which was located on 4th street in downtown Santa Rosa.

The first song that we worked on was called, “Do I Hear Rain.” it's a beautiful tune that has the classic ruminator traits: awesome melody, sensual Jennifer Goudeau vocals, and the jangling, haunting sounds of Greg Scherer's 12-string guitar.

Just as the last exquisite chord was fading at the songs end, a police radio came through the headphones.
“Hey, who's that walking with that weenie?”
Yes, the police officers question had made it to tape.

We considered keeping it (we re-recorded) and we never found out about the “guy” or the “weenie”..
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