The Best Wealth is Health

As we return our decorations back into the garage, and place our champagne flutes back into the cabinet, many of us reflect upon the highs and lows of 2017.  In the past my New Year’s days have often begun with a slightly rough morning remedied with a strong cup of coffee, protein based breakfast, and electrolytes throughout the day.  Once breakfast has settled in I have found January 1st to be full of hope and potential as I stop to think about what endeavors I want to pursue.  If you are like me, and many other people, it is a time to think about the foundation of life– one’s own health.

A few weeks ago when I was asked to write this post, some of us here spoke about what healthy means to us on the individual level. We touched upon a broader sense of health and how that applied to us in our daily lives.  I see health beginning with our environment. It has been one of the great fortunes of my life to have been born in an area that is so beautiful, and has provided me endless opportunities to explore the natural wonders of our area. Health at its root begins with drinking clean water, breathing clean air and eating real food that not only tastes great, but nourishes our body.  It begins with participating in a healthy community of family and friends who support one another’s craftsmanship and livelihoods. Getting out to enjoy our Sonoma County eco-system, participating in our community, and stimulating our local economy feels healthy to me.

At Oliver’s Market we believe that being healthy isn’t a temporary fad or diet; it is a way of life.  Healthy is not just a picture perfect figure sculpted at the gym, rather a strong body and mind that affords you the opportunities to be active and participate in the life events you find enjoyable. Healthy is feeling good about who you are, where you live, and where you choose to spend your hard earned money.

As employee owners we live by our motto, “Real Food.  Real People.” So all month long you will find a large selection of natural foods, produce, meat, supplements, and fit friendly foods to support you on your road to wellness, and it won’t cost you a whole paycheck.

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