Taste the Rainbow – Heirloom Tomatoes

You’ve waited all year for them. Ripe, fresh heirloom tomatoes are here! These rainbow-colored beauties all have different uses. Read on to learn more about the different varieties summer has to offer.

Over the years, supermarket tomatoes have been bred for a uniformed red color with an average size and weight. While their beauty has appealed to our eyes, they have left our palates unsatisfied with the same boring tastes over and over again.

Fortunately, there is a cure- heirloom varieties! Heirloom tomatoes are grown from seeds passed down through several generations that have produced the same variety of tomatoes. Below are some of the most common heirloom tomatoes you can find at any Oliver’s location. Varieties limited to stock on hand.

Orange & Yellow – These bright and attractive orange-yellow tomatoes, when sliced, have a rich aroma that will remind you of carefree summers past. The meaty fruit has few seeds and is wonderful for sauces and cooking.

Marvel Stripe – The Marvel Stripe heirloom tomato variety offers a mild, sweet and somewhat fruity tomato flavor. This tomato is best eaten fresh and lightly seasoned.

Brandywines (Red, Vintage & Yellow) – Brandywine, which dates back to 1885, is the heirloom tomato standard. The fruits set one or two per cluster and ripen late—and are worth the wait. Brandywine’s qualities really shine when it develops an incredibly fine, sweet flavor.

Cherokee Purple – This tomato has a unique, dusty rose color. It’s flavor rivals Brandywine and is extremely sweet.

Rosso Bruno – A European favorite, Rosso Bruno Tomatoes are distinct, delicious and truly original. With a rich, dark color, superior texture and a deliciously sweet, tart taste — they freshen up any salad or sandwich.

Green Zebra – Beautiful chartreuse with deep lime-green stripes, very attractive. Flesh is bright green and very rich tasting, sweet with a sharp bite to it.

Sweeties – Cherry tomatoes bursting with sugary flavor. The scarlet, cherry-sized fruits are produced in long pendulous clusters right up to frost. These are perfect for salads or make a sweet snack on their own.

Gold Nugget – Gold Nugget attains an unusually rich, sweet flavor when ripe. Its fruit is sweet, flavorful and crack-resistant. A colorful addition to salads and relish trays.

Grape – Grape tomatoes have a sweet flavor, a firm texture, and less juice, so there’s no need to worry about any squirting when you bite into one. They’re low in calories and high in vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, and lycopene, so what’s not to like?

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