Summer Brews are here!

Summertime is upon us.  Some of the key ingredients to an enjoyable summer are spending time outdoors with friends and family, vacations, camping, fireworks, barbequing and of course enjoying some delicious beer.

With summertime’s arrival comes this year’s batch of annual Summertime Specialty Beers.  We love sharing the latest and greatest releases from the breweries, and the summertime brews are no exception! These beers are especially refreshing on warm days and keep you wanting another sip.  Summer Beers are often known for their malty characteristics, balanced with fresh citrus flavor and mild to medium hops.  These beers are typically light bodied; and a compliment to the warm summer months.  They are delicious, refreshing and should be enjoyed by all.

Here are some of our favorites that should not be missed: 

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice:  Hailing from just north of Sonoma County in Boonville comes Anderson Valley’s Summer Solstice.  This beer pours a delightful golden amber with a creamy head.  A nice creamy taste with sweetness, complimented by hints of orange and malt. 

Samuel Adams Summer Ale:  Pours a cloudy orange with a nice head.  This Wheat Ale is brilliant on a sunny day.  A lovely lemon citrus flavor with a malt backbone and a very mild hop character.  This should be enjoyed at the beach under an umbrella on a clear sunny day.

Anchor Summer Beer:  From one of the original craft brewers comes an excellent Summer Beer.  This delicious brew pours a light golden color with a haziness to it.  Wonderful grain and wheat flavors, with a tinge of citrus.  Very mild on the hopping and bitterness.  A great warm day beer.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest:  A nice mild lager from Sierra Nevada.  Pours a brilliant clear golden color.  A nice yeast flavor, complimented by lemon and a light bread flavored malt.  This is a very smooth Pilsner style beer that was made to be enjoyed on days like today.

Deschutes Brewery Twilight Summer Ale:  A crisp refreshing summer ale.  Pours a delightful golden orange color with a thin head.  Has a great tropical flavor, combined with citrus, malt, a slight bitterness and a touch of yeast.  A very well balanced beer you should enjoy while it is available this summer.

New Belgium Rolle Bolle:  New Belgian Brewing Company is known for their well balanced ales.  Rolle Bolle stays in-line with their trademark.  A lighter summer ale, but done the right way.  Pours a light golden orange color.  A nice malty taste and subtle hop flavor, with hints of oats, grass and light bread.  Enjoy on a warm day. 

Be sure to try these brews now, as they are only available during the summertime months.  Some are more limited than others, so don’t miss out!

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