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Community Choice Aggregation started for two reasons. First, to increase renewable energy consumption within its region by procuring energy contracts from available renewable sources. Second, to eliminate energy monopolies held by for profit energy companies. Competition will decrease prices and increases their renewable energy standards.

Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) is a planned Community Choice program for providing green electricity at competitive prices to the residents and businesses of Sonoma County.  SCP will be a public agency and not-for-profit electricity provider offering you the choice of having more electricity supplied from clean, renewable resources at stable and affordable rates.

Based on 11 wholesale bids received by energy providers to supply electricity to SCP, residential rates will fall between 1.8 percent below and 1 percent above PG&E's rates, and commercial rates will be between 3 percent below and 0.5 percent above. The exact rates will be set in October, following further negotiations with the most competitive supply companies.

SCP is beneficial because it can use more renewable energy without paying more. SCP will start service with 33 percent renewable energy, a significant increase over PG&E's 20 percent, and at a rate that will be competitive with PG&E. SCP will provide a competitive alternative for electricity service and be operated in the public's interest.
We also have an opportunity to get the full value of our energy costs by investing the net proceeds into local programs and projects right here in Sonoma County.  As a public agency and not-for-profit electricity provider, SCP will reinvest a portion of your ratepayer dollars locally. That means more jobs and a boost to our local industry.

If you choose to stay with Sonoma Clean Power, the source of your energy will change so that 33 percent of your electricity will come from renewable energy. You will be voting for greener and more local power. Everything else will stay the same. PG&E will continue to read your meter, send your bill and provide the same power line maintenance and repair services they always have. If you choose to opt out of the program, you will stay with PG&E and nothing will change.

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Marin has implemented a CCA – The Marin Energy Authority (MEA) is the not-for-profit public agency formed by the County of Marin and all of Marin's cities and towns. MEA administers California's first Community Choice Aggregation program, MCE.
MEA was created in December 2008 following six years of careful study and review in more than 200 public meetings and hearings.

The purpose of the Marin Energy Authority is to address climate change by reducing energy related greenhouse gas emissions and securing energy supply, price stability, energy efficiencies and local economic and workforce benefits. It is the intent of MEA to promote the development and use of a wide range of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency programs, including but not limited to solar and wind energy production at competitive rates for customers.

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Inspired by Climate Protection efforts, CCA has spread to cities throughout the Bay Area, and throughout the state. In 2007, forty California local governments were in the process of implementing CCA, virtually all of them seeking to double, triple or quadruple the green power levels (Renewable Portfolio Standard, or “RPS) of the state's three Investor-Owned Utilities. Marin, Oakland and Berkeley are also seeking to employ San Francisco-style revenue bonds and implement a 51% RPS by 2017.

General concerns of implementing a community choice aggregation include higher rates for customers. This is completely dependant on the contracts that are obtained by each CCA. Additional factors of cost are associated with the type of power purchased. If your county starts a CCA costing more then the current provider you can “opt-out” of your CCA and remain with your current provider.

The only opposition towards CCA’s comes from current energy providers who are concerned of decreased profits, if citizens have an option for their power providers. As a free market economy, the competition will benefit all citizens, regardless of what provider you choose. As Sonoma Clean Power increases its revenue they will be able to re-invest into other clean energy projects.


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