Showerhead Exchange

Whether you want to save money, save the environment, or just take a trip 

Oliver’s Market March 23rd is the day to do it! The Water-Use Efficiency department from the City of Santa Rosa will be hosting a showerhead exchange party for utility customers at our two Santa Rosa stores from 9am-12pm to celebrate National Fix-a-Leak Week.

Minor water leaks account for more than 1 trillion gallons of water wasted each year in U.S. homes. Fix a Leak Week is an annual reminder to Americans to check household plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks. These low flow shower heads are a result of upgraded plumbing standards, so they are more efficient because they use less water. These new shower heads are even more efficient than the ones given away last year. People who want a new low flow shower head need to bring in their old one. They will also be giving away toilet tabs so people can check their toilets for leaks.


Stony Point & Montecito Stores

Saturday March 23rd 9am-12pm

For more information please visit


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