Products I love – Vicolo Cornmeal Pizza Crusts

In a hidden alley (vicolo means alley in Italian) behind the SF Opera House, Vicolo Pizza served up some of San Francisco's best pizzas.  Started by Patricia Unterman, owner of the long-established Hayes Street Grill, Vicolo was particularly known for its outrageous cornmeal crusts, sturdy and crisp and utterly, soulfully delicious.  Sadly, the pizzeria no longer exists.  Happily, you can now get those same exact crusts at Oliver's Market.  YAY!  Two-packs of crusts come in natural, organic and now gluten-free versions, and can be found in our refrigerated cases.

Nothing for dinner?  Grab an empty pizza crust and start foraging in your fridge.  Leftover steamed veggies, a lonely piece of chicken, random chunks of cheese, pesto or tomato sauce, a smear of ricotta, sliced or roasted tomatoes,  raw or carmelized onion, you name it – the crusts are so good, they will magically pull together the most disparate list of ingredients ever. 

Plan ahead?  Of course you can make world-class pizzas with some forethought.  But Vicolo Cornmeal Crusts don't care.  They'll play deliciously with you whether you're organized or not.  Check 'em out today!

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