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4791 Dry Creek Road
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Kokomo Culinary

Verjus, the pressed juice from un-ripened wine grapes, is a natural form of acid that heightens the flavors of ingredients in a dish.

Kokomo Culinary, maker of Kokomo Verjus, is a collaboration between Kokomo Winery owner/winemaker Erik Miller, and food industry veteran, Dale Peters. These two have combined their experience to create a sustainable food and condiment company based in Sonoma County.

Erik’s idea for Kokomo Culinary came to him when he was contemplating how he could further his sustainable practices at the winery. With access to such high quality excess fruit, he knew there was a potential to create additional food products. With help from Dale’s many years of experience in food production, Kokomo Culinary was able to launch its first product, Kokomo Verjus, in 2012.

Kokomo Verjus is a product derived from the love of food, abundance of Sonoma County, and a winemaker’s commitment to sustainability.

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