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10810 Hillveiw Rd
Windsor, CA 94592

Balverne Wines

The Stein family is very proud to be re-introducing the Balverne name to the wine loving public. Their 710 acre estate, now known as Windsor Oaks, is located south of Healdsburg. The estate began its wine legacy when it was purchased in 1972, planted to grapes, and winemaking began under the name Balverne. In 1992 the property was purchased by Bob Stein, who renamed the property Windsor Oaks Vineyards. The property was successfully managed as a vineyard, selling fruit to over 35 wineries. Winemaking resumed on the property in 2005 under the Windsor Oaks name and in 2012, the Steins made the decision to honor the legacy of their beloved property by bringing back the Balverne name.

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