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750 Chileno Valley Rd
Petaluma, CA 94952

Achadinha Cheese

Jim Pacheco is a third generation dairyman on both sides of his family. His family’s history of dairy farming in California was established in 1955. In order to sustain the family business, in 2000 Jim and his wife, Donna began to produce cheese. He has passed his passion onto the fourth generation, consisting of his 4 children, William, Daniel, Elizabeth and David. They are all involved in the day to day decisions. Running a dairy is a labor of love and despite the long countless hours that go into it.

They believe in feeding their girls a more alkaline diet so that the milk they produce is more alkaline, making the cheese easier to digest and better for us. They do not feed corn, and have found their bodies cannot digest it and it shortens their lifespan by at least 3 years. Instead they feed them brewer’s grain front Bear Republic and Russian River Brewing Company. Brewers grain and yeast is a fermented byproduct of making beer with a great deal of nutrition. After making cheese they take the whey (which is known for it’s high protein) and feed it back to the girls with the scobie from making Kombucha to increase the probiotics in the whey. They pasture them all year long. They do not used pesticides on the pasture or give them hormones. The season completely effect the flavors in the cheeses, due to what the girls are eating. In the winter months you can taste the sweetness from the grass, in the summer you can taste the bitterness from the brewers grain. They do need to supplement the animals with Alfalfa and Oat hay to give them a balance diet.

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