Options at Oliver’s that support a healthy environment and a Healthy You

It is time again to leave the past behind us and embrace a New Year, with new direction and new healthy choices. This year will be a time to focus on the healthiest you and we hope to share a little about how your trip to Oliver’s Market, and your grocery list, can help support a healthy environment, community and you!

Clean Transportation

A trip to the grocery store can have a positive impact on your health and the environment. At each of our four locations, we provide accessible bicycle parking and many stores are in walking distance from a train or bus stop. Choosing alternative transportation promotes a healthy physical lifestyle. For more information on clean transportation in Sonoma County, visit www.gosonoma.org

A (Healthy) Impactful Grocery List

Many of us don’t view grocery shopping as anything more than a trip to the market. But here at Oliver’s, we provide customers with an array of choices that promote a sustainable community. To highlight some of these options, we would like to illustrate the most sustainable brands of local teas, meats, butters, cheeses and milk we have at Oliver’s, so that going forward we can support a resilient local environment, while taking great care of our bodies.

Tea-Time at Oliver’s

Oliver’s has some tea-licious products for you, whether you are unwinding after a trip to the market or trying to relax before bed time. And, there is a lengthy list of ailments supported by a cup of hot tea. Traditional Medicinals and Guayaki are two tea companies that we are proud to highlight, as they are both green businesses and locally owned and operated, like Oliver’s. Traditional Medicinals is your go-to product when it comes to therapeutic tea, sourcing from pharmacopoeial grade herbs, and hire professional herbalists to create their formulas. They also have a significant positive impact on our local community and beyond. If you want a kick of energy in your tea, and a refreshing ready-made cold healthy brew, Guayaki has the juice to power your day with multiple flavors, cold or hot. And, by drinking Guayaki, your carbon footprint is spelled out on their website and you are supporting reforestation projects in the greater community where the tea is sourced.

Meat Your Maker: Healthy & Sustainable Meat & Dairy Options at Oliver’s

Oliver’s Meat Department: A variety of local & organic options

Oliver’s is known in the community for going above and beyond, getting you what you need, when you need it. With so many options, there are more sustainable options than others. Choosing a meat from a local source, such as Petaluma Poultry, is probably the single most sustainable choice one can make in terms of the environment and your health. Local is fresher, which is always healthier, and has not traveled hundreds or thousands of miles. Choosing local means less carbon emissions and air pollution locally, and afar. Certified organic meat ensures that there are no GMOs or pesticides when raising that meat.

Butters for the Better: Wholesome Healthy Butters at Oliver’s

When it comes to butter, nobody does it butter than the brands offered at Oliver’s! We have so many options. You may have noticed recently that butter is now considered a healthy fat, but not all butters are created equally. Choosing one from a local and organic source, such as Clover Sonoma or McClelland’s Dairy, are great choices for the environment and for our body. Many pesticides and toxins reside in fatty tissue, so choosing a local, organic butter is the way to go.

Local Sustainable Cheeses

Oliver’s has a cheestastic selection of cheeses from all over the world. But don’t forget that we have such a rich cheese culture here in Sonoma County, and the immediate area surrounding us! From local goat cheeses by a fellow certified green business known as Redwood Hill Farms, to Clover Sonoma, the cheese department has between 150 and 300 varieties of quality cheese options – both conventional and organic – that help support you and a healthy community. For example, both Redwood Hill Farms and Clover Sonoma are both certified green businesses, and have sustainably produced options. Both companies strive to run their operations with as low of an impact on the environment as possible.

Eating Outside the Box: Local Sustainable Meat & Dairy Options

It is no secret that eating meat & dairy has a large impact on the environment and is resource-intensive to produce. So, if eating vegan is your preference, Oliver’s has some amazing and delicious options. A favorite veggie burger is the locally produced Amy’s Sonoma Burger,made from mostly whole food ingredients and no soy or gluten, which are common allergens. Amy’s is a certified green business, like Oliver’s, and has put vegetarian and vegan prepared meals on the grocery map. For healthy, local (to Marin) non-dairy cheeses and butter, Miyoko’s Kitchen is delicious and contains organic, mostly whole foods ingredients with limited allergens.

In addition to the highlighted options above, there are many other companies not listed that we value and promote, even though they aren’t local. The above are highlighted because they are leaders in personal and environmental health.

At Oliver’s, we hope you have a healthy “you” year!

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