Oliver’s Holiday Favorites

With the Holidays quickly approaching we wanted to take some time and divulge our personal favorites for the upcoming season. We have a lot of ‘em, so we split it up into a few parts…we’ll release one post a week.

Meat Department- Todd Davis


“Prime Grade” Prime Rib Roast-Best cut of the year. Superb marbling, breath taking flavor that will please the most particular palate. Prime Rib is also great for special occasions because you are able to meet the needs of the rarest of rare and the medium well steak loving guest with one 4 bone Rib. Ends for Medium and center for Rare, perfect.


Gourmet Cheese Department- Phyllis Heagney


Bellwether Farms Ricottas, Cow & Sheep – The holiday cooking season has arrived and when you plan to pull out the stops, you also pull out the best ingredients!  Both of the Bellwether Ricottas that we carry in the Gourmet Cheese Departments here at Oliver’s are stupendous.  Locally sourced Jersey cow’s milk and farmstead sheep’s milk are turned into quiveringly tender, creamy Ricottas, perfect for both savory and sweet applications.  Making lasagna or cannelloni for a gathering?  Reach for either of these – they will make something good into something GREAT.  Want an incredibly simple appetizer or dessert?  Drape roasted vegetables like tomatoes, red bell peppers and garlic cloves atop Bellwether Ricotta with your favorite olives or tapenade strewn all around.  Serve with sliced baguettes, crostini or crackers.  For a sweet finish to your meal, drizzle a local honey or fruit preserve on your choice of Ricotta, surround with fresh, poached or dried fruit and toasted nuts and wait for the compliments.

TOMME DOLCE – Made in Petaluma by Soyoung Scanlon of Andante Dairy fame, Tomme Dolce is a mellow, finely wrought aged goat cheese. Rubbed with famed SF jam-maker June Taylor’s Plum preserves and brandy, this wheel sports a mottled mauve rind and an exceptionally lovely and accessible flavor.  The Dolce in the name hints at what’s inside, but sweetness isn’t the flavor that arises – it’s more a nuanced creaminess and easy-going balance, with little of the tang commonly associated with goat’s milk cheeses.  Serve a room-temperature wedge of this exceptional cheese on a cheese board, with a few Marcona almonds and perhaps a wee slice of membrillo alongside, and stop there.  You will be rewarded by the sheer perfect simplicity of it all.

Gourmet Grocery Department- Lawrence Jacobs


Christopher Ranch Fresh Peeled multipack garlic– There is no substitute for fresh garlic but one shortcut I am willing to take is using the fresh peeled multipacks by Christopher Ranch.

Turkey Brine– I don’t care what kind you use… just use it.  It makes for a much juicier bird and can also act as a buffer from dryness for those of us who overcook the bird year in and year out.

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