Oliver’s Holiday Favorites Part 2

With the Holidays quickly approaching we wanted to take some time and divulge our personal favorites for the upcoming season. We have a lot of ‘em, so we split it up into a few parts…we’ll release one post a week.

Meat Department- Todd Davis


Dungeness Crab-Man I love a great Dungeness Crab Sandwich. The perfect NorCal lunch for out of town guests. Go online and pick out your favorite Grilled Sourdough California Crab Sandwich. I like mine mixed with Cream Cheese, Chipotle Veganaise, Green Onion, Cayenne Pepper, Kosher Salt, Lemon Juice and Crisp Romaine on Grilled Sourdough. Killin’ it.


Gourmet Cheese Department- Phyllis Heagney


Rogue River Blue – Oliver’s cheesemongers await the arrival each year of Rogue River’s seasonal beauty, the Rogue River Blue.  Justifiably famous for this cheese, Rogue Creamery produces this luscious blue from the autumn equinox until the winter solstice.  Crafted from raw milk from Brown Swiss and Holstein cows grazing on a lush variety of flowers, grasses and hay, the flavor is also distinctively influenced by local Syrah grape leaves first macerated in Clear Creek Pear Brandy which are then wrapped around the wheels.  Notes of brandy, fruit and blue cheese cultures interplay with flavors of fresh cream and browned butter, resulting in a stunningly good cheese!  Aged for nine to twelve months, each wheel features the subtle crunch of protein crystals contrasting in the creamy, delectable paste.  This cheese’s availability is limited by its brief production window and when it’s gone, that’s it until next year!  Interested in pairing wine with this cheese?  Rogue’s website suggests an aged cabernet, Syrah or port OR a French or German Gewürztraminer.  Pick up some of this cheese and create a match made in heaven!

Comté – This is the pride of the Franche-Comté region in France’s Jura Mountains.  Elegantly rounded notes of butter and roasted nuts are the flavor hallmarks of this mountain cheese, crafted from the raw milk of only Montbéliarde or Simmental cows, each guaranteed 2.5 acres of grazing land by the French government.  Made in cooperatives known as fruitières, or cheese dairies, Comté has been made since the 12th century.  Superb on a cheese board, Comté is also known for its incredible versatility in the kitchen.  An excellent melter, Comté is exceptional in fondue, baked egg or potato dishes, in vegetable gratins and shaved onto a salad of dressed bitter greens.  Aged from as few as four months, Comté is more commonly aged from 12-18 months, with a select few chosen for even longer maturing.  Each wheel is a reflection of the season, the plants the cows grazed on, the atmosphere of the cave where the affinage, cheese aging in the French language, took place.  All wheels are graded for their delicacy, subtlety, intensity and depth of flavor.  Choose this incredible cheese when you are seeking a balanced, refined choice.

Gourmet Grocery Department- Lawrence Jacobs


Great Coffee– Check out our new 3rd Wave coffee sets in all three stores. You will find artisanal coffee roasters who source their beans responsibly, respect the product as well as the people who produce this wonderful commodity. Look for Producers like Equator Coffee Co., Temple Coffee Roasters, Melody Coffee Roasting Co., Chocolate Fish.

Bud’s Eggnog– What are the holidays without eggnog? Spice it up, take it straight… outside of making your own scratch version, Buds is the way to go.

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