Oliver’s Favorite Protein Pairings

The New Year is here and what a great time it is for new beginnings. It’s time to reflect on the year behind and look to the year ahead. Whatever your 2018 goal is, Oliver’s Market is here to keep you healthy and focused on making sure your body feels great and won’t slow you down.

You’ve probably already been inundated by the New Year’s Resolutions weight loss commercials or gym membership offers that come this time of year. And while we totally support making goals to eat better and become fitter, we believe that becoming the Healthiest You is more of a lifestyle change than a fad diet. We believe that the way to true health happiness is to make small changes that you actually enjoy.

This week, we’ve collected some of our favorite smoothie recipes that will not only help you reset your “diet” for 2017, but that also taste amazing. Just because something is labeled “detox” or “cleansing,” doesn’t mean it has to taste like grass.

Here’s to the Healthiest You – with a little help from Oliver’s Market.

Produce-Powered Protein Smoothie

Mineral Power Protein Shake

Wild Berry Shake

Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake (you had us at Peanut Butter & Chocolate)

Pineapple Power Shake

Vanilla Coffee Shake

Honey Banana Protein Shake

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