Oliver’s Defines Local as Sonoma County

It seems like every supermarket in town is talking about local.  As the local food movement continues to gain momentum, an important question to ask is: What does local mean to you? Some folks in our industry define local as grown in California; others as grown within a day’s truck ride from their store.

For us at Oliver’s, local means Sonoma County, plain and simple. Since we all live here our perspective is a little different from national chains that manage hundreds of stores in dozens of states. We know first hand that the best food in the world is grown and made right here in our backyard. Buying locally made products can really make a difference for all of us.

A recent study from Sonoma State University found that buying locally made products from Oliver’s has more than twice the benefit for the local economy as buying national brands from chain stores.  The study also highlighted the fact that our commitment to buying locally means that for every job created at Oliver’s another job is created by one of our local partners.

At Oliver’s, we’ve made a real commitment to supporting the local economy by carrying the largest possible assortment of locally produced products and we’ve priced them so that you can afford to buy them. Up and down every aisle, we’ve clearly marked every Sonoma County Item and our receipts show how much of your purchase comes from products that are made in the County.    At Oliver’s we’re doing everything we can to be your local supermarket.

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