Oliver’s Custom Burgers and Beer Match-Ups

Oliver’s Custom Burgers and Beer Match-Ups:

Take Your Next Barbecue to a Whole New Level

What do you get when you combine Oliver’s three house-made burgers with a dream team of Meat and Beer experts and ten great craft beers? Well, we decided to find out. It turns out that with each burger, one of the beers really took the experience to a new level and is worthy of sharing with our customers! So, check out these match-ups and take your next cook-out up a notch by using their in-depth “research” for your benefit. After all, this is all in the name of science, right?

First, let’s understand the burgers. All Oliver’s Meat Departments carry house-made burgers, which include only the best ingredients. These are pre-shaped and ready for your grill, so even on a weeknight, you can enjoy an excellent gourmet burger without lots of preparation time. These are the varieties, all of which were created by our in-house burger experts:

  • The OMG: Grass Fed Humboldt Beef, Cooked Bacon, Oliver’s BBQ Sauce, Cheddar Cheese
  • BACON MUSHROOM SWISS: Oliver’s Choice Beef, Button Mushrooms, Cooked Bacon, Swiss
  • STEAKHOUSE: Oliver’s Choice Beef, House-Made Whiskey Pepper Sauce, Cheddar Cheese, Yellow Onion, Mushrooms, Cooked Bacon

Next, let’s meet our researchers. The dream team included Ren Norman, Montecito Meat Manager; Anthony Lopez, Oliver’s Beer Aficionado; Zac Larson, Cotati Head Chef; and Justin Bowman, Cotati Wine Department Manager.

And finally, let’s check out the winning match-ups. To find these great pairings, the team worked with ten craft beers that are currently featured at all Oliver’s stores, so you can grab the burger and beer that sounds the most delicious to you, or grab all three burgers and all three beers and do your own research! Again, it’s all in the name of science, right?

Winning Match-Up #1: OMG Grass Fed Burger with Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

Team Tasting Notes: “The slight sweetness of the grass fed beef is enhanced by the tropical flavors of the beer. Nice round, malt body and balanced hops are a great compliment to the smoky sweet flavors in the burger. Pairs classic burger flavors with a not-so-classic IPA. Both the burger and the beer will make you say ‘OMG!’”

Winning Match-Up #2: Bacon Mushroom Swiss Burger with Sudwerks Dry Hopped Lager

Team Tasting Notes: “Enough hops to lift up the burger flavor and cut through the richness of the Bacon and Swiss. Nice, clean, and crisp. Simply delicious. Simple flavors in the burger are mirrored by the uncomplicated flavors in the beer. Classic beer for a classic burger.”

Winning Match-Up #3: Steakhouse Burger with 21st Amendment Brewery Monk’s Blood

Team Tasting Notes: “This pairing was a match made in burger and beer heaven. The cherry flavor of the beer pairs perfectly with the smokiness of the bacon. The effervescence of the beer beautifully washed down the rich beefiness of the burger. Loaded beer for a loaded burger. This was the most surprising of the three pairings and it absolutely blew us away.”

Try any or all of these winning match-ups and let the Cotati Burger and Brew team know what you think.


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