Oliver’s BBQ Starts March 30th

Each Spring and Summer we role out the BBQ on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is only available at the Montecito and Stony Point Store. Our expert BBQ Staff has made this a tradition that our customers count on because of the great selection and quality.

All the fresh meat used is the same high quality that is sold in the store which meets the Oliver’s criteria for Sustainability, Humanly Raised and Antibiotic Hormone Free Meat. We also use the same house made marinades offered in our Oliver’s Gourmet Meats on the grill.

The menu offering is Tri Tip, Pulled Pork and Chicken Sandwiches, Whole and Half Tri Tip, ½ Chickens, Whole and Half Baby Back Ribs, Salmon, Oysters and Bratwurst. Each item is prepared fresh to order and can be topped with your favorite condiments.

About our meat department…

Oliver’s Market Meat Departments is a cross over Market offering a wide variety of fresh items that would interest the hard core natural food shopper as well as staple items for the more conventionally minded shopper. Every section in our Meat Case has something for almost every kind of meat or seafood consumer.

One particular category that offers a large selection of highest quality meat is our ground meat program. All our ground meats meet our core standards and beliefs. We achieve this by procuring meats from the finest producers available that share the same values. Antibiotic and Hormone Free, Minimally Processed, Residue Free, Cage Free, Free Range, Grade A, Grass Fed and USDA Choice or Higher.

At Oliver’s all of our ground meats are ground in house by our skilled Meat Cutters every day and may be ground up to 4 times per day. All meats are ground from trim generated by our daily cutting of Carcass and Primal cuts. At no time do we purchase trimmings or prepared coarse ground chubs for our Oliver’s Meats.

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