Help Name our new Oliver’s Market Employee Intranet!

Many of the best things at Oliver’s exist because of an employee’s great idea! We want you to get your creative juices flowing and help us choose a name for our new Oliver’s Market Employee Intranet, which will be launching later this year!

Use the form below to submit your best ideas!

What is an Intranet? An employee intranet is a private website that only current employees can access. It’s like a secret club where employees can go to find important information, like news about the company, upcoming company events, helpful resources, forms, and more. An intranet is a safe and secure place where employees can stay informed about what’s happening in the company.

Naming an Intranet – Best Practices & Guidelines

  • Make it simple and easy to remember – The name needs to be simple and easy to spell. The fewer words the better, one to two words is best.
  • Make it relevant – The name should be relevant to our company, and what the purpose of the intranet is, which is a centralized location where employees can easily access important information and resources.
  • Make it fun! – We keep it real at Oliver’s and love adding a touch of fun or humor, which can also help keep the name engaging and memorable!
  • Keep it professional – Inappropriate or offensive names will not be considered.
  • Think outside the box (or grocery bag!) – Easy-to-remember acronyms can help define the purpose of the intranet, while keeping the conversational name short and memorable. Some companies create a persona or mascot for their intranet – think Siri or Alexa. Get creative!

Here is a sneak peek at the design concept for the Intranet Home Page to help you get inspired!

Deadlines for entries is Sunday, April 30, 2023.

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