My Two New Favorite Teas

I taste just about every food that I decide we should carry—even if it’s something I don’t normally eat. Having said that, I am often in need of teas that soothe my tummy due to eating too much. My two new favorite teas are Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Chamomile and Gas Relief. Traditional Medicinals added Chamomile, Fennel, and Peppermint to their traditional Smooth Move Tea to help relieve cramping that is often a side effect of regular Smooth Move. I’ve tried it several times and the added herbs definitely hinder the unpleasant cramps I’ve experienced.

I started drinking the Gas Relief Tea as a joke…..just to see what it would do. What I’ve learned is that it definitely relieves bloating within an hour or two by promoting digestion and….well, gas relief. And it’s organic and it tastes great. What more can I say?

And as always, Traditional Medicinals Tea are made right here in Sebastopol.

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