Moss Henry

A few years ago I participated in a local concert called “Golden Protest”, an evening of local singer/songwriters performing songs in opposition to the war in Iraq.
One of the performers was Moss Henry. He plays the acoustic guitar and has a voice reminiscent of Bruce Cockburn. What really stuck with me was the songs; the type of lyrics that inform without lecturing, a perfect balance of hope and cynicism.
I noticed that while he played, the folks in the audience were bobbing their heads and saying “I heard THAT”.
I’m amazed at the depth of his topics ranging from the Sago Mining Disaster, corporate greed, and Hurricane Katrina-but Moss’s music manages to inspire rather than depress. Much of this is due to the top notch production quality: recorded locally at Zone Music, and featuring stellar  backing musicians such as multi-instrumentalist Kevin Russell, the music has an excellent sound.
Moss Henry also writes about love, immortality, kids, and cars.
“Roll The Bones” is the latest full length CD and is my favorite. I’m also fond of “One Wing Left” from 2007 which is exclusively protest songs, but shares the same fine production as all of Moss’s CD’s .
Moss Henry has a private practice in Santa Rosa as a licensed family / marriage therapist.

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