Meet Annie!

Meet Annie Sherman

Corporate Sustainability Coordinator, MBA in Sustainable Enterprise

Who are you?

“After studying environmental studies at Chico State, I was inspired to learn more about the intersection of business and sustainability and went on to complete a “Green MBA” in 2014 through Dominican University. I spent four years doing recycling and green business outreach with Sonoma County and also working in the grocery industry before coming Oliver’s. My job is a way to put all my knowledge and skills to work and really make a difference in an evident way. Just one business can make such a positive impact on the community and the environment, it is amazing to see this happen in real time! I am continuing to work on zero waste efforts, clean sources of energy and energy reduction, water conservation, pollution prevention, positive social impacts, and much more!”


Annie, what is your favorite green product?

“There are so many it’s hard to choose! I have seen Chico Bags and Klean Kanteen grow from small local businesses to large businesses but still maintain their environmental and local focus and although they aren’t based out of Sonoma County, they support efforts that affect our local community here. I frequently bring my own Oliver’s Kleen Kanteen and Oliver’s branded Chico Bags with me to Oliver’s to replace single-use cups and bags and love the quality these products provide!”


What about your favorite green practice?

“The sustainability coordinators before me got the ball rolling on lots of projects. One major one I have helped carry through is the installation of a 60.8 kW solar system at Oliver’s business offices. This will offset 86,921 kWh of electricity annually (enough electricity to power more than 8 residential homes annually!). As of April 2018, we have also reduced our plastic film for wrapping pallets by approximately 12% by implementing “reusable pallet wraps” made from recycled content. This is enough plastic film saved to stretch all the way from Windsor Oliver’s all the way to Cotati Oliver’s (~15 miles!). In the next five years, our focus will be on energy and waste as those are major areas of opportunity.”


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