Live to work or Work to Live

I love my job and all that other BS you expect to see on a company hosted blog. Who really loves their job that much? Anyone? Maybe some…  The fact is that most of us go to work to make money so we can live the life we love. If you are one of the lucky ones, you get to go to a job that you like and don’t dread returning to day after day.

I would say Oliver’s is like that for me. I enjoy the work I do and I find every day to be a little bit different than the day before, which keeps things interesting. What I appreciate most about Oliver’s is that they get it. They understand that employees don’t live to work but rather work to live. It even says so in the mission statement and I have a hunch the guys in charge here that wrote that statement don’t absolutely love their jobs all of the time either but love the challenge, the community impact, and the people.  In fact, I think that is what makes Oliver’s a great place to work- the people.

The people make up half our slogan. The people do the day to day work. The people become your friends. The people are unique and the people are what set us apart from our competitors. We (Oliver’s) believe this so much that we dedicate a large amount of real estate on the front page of the in-store ad to highlight one of those people each week. This is not only one of my favorite parts about Oliver’s, but also one of my favorite parts of my job. I get to coordinate and choose which employee gets the spot and then compel them to write what “Real Food, Real People” means to them. At first they are usually hesitant, I mean it could become a source for endless teasing from their co-workers, but once they think about it and I give them some pointers they come up with some really good responses.

When we first started this program the most common reply to, “What does real food, real people mean to you?”…was local. Since then the responses have varied and have become surprising, honest, and sometimes a little quirky. I have seen everything from truth, commitment, opportunity, and most recently “really good cheese.”  We are individuals and Oliver’s allows us to be just that. We are given the freedom to write what we feel, recommend new products, and express ourselves however we want (tattoos and beards seem to be the most popular way). At any rate I hope you take the time to read what our employees have to say and what Oliver’s means to them, you might be surprised and come to find that it means the same things to you.

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