Jen Tucker: Bohemian Highway

In the early part of 2011, I got a call from singer-songwriter Jen Tucker. She had been referred to me because she wanted to record an album of original songs. We set up a session; just Jen and her guitar with a dozen or so tunes.

The first song we tracked was called “Fallen Down”. As I adjusted the levels on the recording, I was struck by how unique her style was. Chords wafted from her guitar, the gentle lyrics bounced from her mouth; “what a great song!” I said excitedly.

“That song was written over 15 years ago in Deep Ellum” Jen told me.

 Jen Tucker began her musical journey while living in Dallas, Texas, performing regularly at venues in the artsy Deep Ellum district. When she moved to San Francisco in the early 1990's, Jen virtually put her music on hold while she pursued gainful employment.

“Fallen Down” would be the last song she would write for 15 years.

Jen relocated to Sonoma County, and over the past 3 years or so, there has been a creative explosion! In addition to recording her first album, Something That I Didn't Do, a ten song collection of tunes that she wrote while living in Texas, she has just completed Songs From the Bohemian Highway, nine songs that have been recently written.

The lead off track “Bohemian Highway” ranks with the best songs written about Sonoma County. In fact, all of the songs have a visual quality that conjures up images as you listen. Check out “Huffy Bike” and “Political Beer” which features cool Bass grooves by band mate Kyle Martin.

Jen Tucker has a residency of sorts at Barley & Hops in Occidental, where you can hear her perform almost every Friday night as the Farmers Market winds down. She plays there solo, and with her band (when they are available).

When we began recording Jen's first album, she was a little shy in the studio. I had to advise her to turn up the vocal mix and turn down the reverb so people could hear these great lyrics. By the end of recording her second album, Jen was running the sessions!

How exciting it is to watch a musician bloom into a top shelf artist.

Jennifer has also written and recorded a third album titled Angry Girl, songs about politics and the environment, and is planning on releasing it later this year.

Jen Tucker is like butter: She's On A Roll…

Jen Tucker performs at Oliver's in Cotati on July 28 at 3PM. Pick up both of her CD's for only $8.99 each this week.

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