JayDub & Dino

In 2008, I was recording an album with the Jami Jamison Band called “I Know What I Got”. The JJB is a talented 5 piece combo that really swings; a tremendous rhythm section, solid sax player, saucy vocals, and the very sweet guitar playing of Dennis “Dino” Cordellos.

On a break during one of our sessions, Dino approached me to ask about working with a duo that he is a member of.
“A buddy of mine since high school play together and he writes some pretty interesting songs.” I thought to myself, “Interesting? that's not a real ringing endorsement.”

But there is a ritual that I go through once a month called “paying the rent”, so of course, I booked a session with Dennis and his partner, Jeff Falconer aka Jaydub and Dino.
I have a soft spot for acoustic guitars and well written songs. I lived in Southern California during the singer-songwriter breakout of the early 1970's, wearing out copies of Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and their sensitive ilk.
So when this towering man (the interesting Jaydub) fleetly picked his silver stringed guitar, backed by soulful leads of Dino, playing and singing these great songs; one after another- I was hooked!

The album that we recorded is called “Eclectic Ain’t No Cuss Word”, and will be released someday soon.
Jeff's well crafted, original songs are really awesome.  And interesting!
My personal favorite is “When The Blues Come”. It could be a standard; it's really that good. “There's no hiding place, when the blues come.” Oooh, I just got goose bumps.

Jeff Falconer plays solo at Oliver's in Cotati on Saturday August 4, from 3-5 PM.H

Jeff will have his three solo discs available in the produce section, and the first CD by Jaydub and Dino, Porch Groove, is our

Oliver's CD Pick of the Week, available for only $8.99 at all three Oliver's Market locations.

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