Jason Bodlovich Group: Moby Ahab

Guitarist Jason Bodlovich released a CD in 2003 called “Blues For Dexter”. It is a labor-of-love tribute to legendary jazz saxophonist Dexter Gordon.
The first thing that I noticed when I looked at the CD was that Ray Brown, one of the most esteemed bass players in all of jazz history, was a member of Jason’s quintet. Impressive!

“Blues For Dexter” was released on Jason’s own independent label, Moonrise Records, and here’s the kicker: Jason Bodlovich is the drummer on the album. Turns out when the kid from Huntington Beach moved north several years ago to earn a degree in music (with an emphasis on Jazz) at Sonoma State, he focused on guitar and drums. You might say he is versatile…

Jason Bodlovich has released seven albums in the last ten years. The musical styles run from Brazilian Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Jazz Fusion , and Blues.
His latest release “Moby Ahab”, is an rockin’ instrumental affair by his trio (the Jason Bodlovich Trio, or “JBG”). JBG features Bodlovich on guitar, Steve Froberg on bass and James Stafford on drums. You will hear elements of Jeff Beck, Brian Setzer, Joe Satriani, and Ronnie Montrose.

What bugs me about some albums by guitar-hero type of dudes like Satriani or Steve Vai, is that their playing can be so over the top, that the music doesn’t speak to me.

On “Moby Ahab”, Bodlovich begins songs with a strong groove or hook, and do his flashy fretwork against a solid head-bobbin’ danceable beat.
My favorite songs on the CD are “Yoakim Bridge” (a fine example of “chicken pickin’”) and “Hop Stoopid Shuffle” (an obvious nod to our friends at Laguntas).

Check out the JBG LIVE at Oliver’s Market in Cotati on Saturday June 30 at 3PM.

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