It’s “How-To” Time at Oliver’s

Go to Oliver’s and with help from one of our experienced cheese mongers, pick out some ripe, delicious cheese and their perfect accompaniments.

Highlight the showiest cheese as your centerpiece and, move your still-wrapped cheeses around, with the rinds facing to the back or middle on your favorite platter or cutting board.

Evaluate for color and shape. Trust your instincts and unwrap your cheeses. If you plan to pre-slice any hard cheeses, do that on a different cutting board. For cheeses that crumble well (blues, cheddars and aged goudas), leave the cheese on your serving board and with a small paring knife, point down and chunk about one third of the wedge into attractive bite-sized pieces.

Now comes the fun – adding your trimmings for crunch, sweetness and textural contrast. Fill the space between your cheeses with some of the following:

Olives in a cabbage leaf for fresh color
A small dish or two of preserves, truffle honey or tapenade
Panforte, date or fig cake, membrillo, or honeycomb
Marcona almonds add delectable crunch
A favorite cracker provides the “cheese delivery system”
Dried apricots, figs, goji berries or cranberries add flavor and color

HAVE FUN making your cheese tray. It’s an appetizer, NOT an international accord. Give each cheese its own knife, and serve your cheese board at room temperature!

Get ready to be the talk of the party.

Too see it all on video, visit

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