Imagine This: 10 Ways to Use Imagine Broths

Imagine Broth is a deliciously convenient way to create inspiring dishes. This week we’ve got a great deal on these incredible organic broths – so it makes sense to stock up, right? (yes, pun intended) Rather than wait until you come across a recipe that calls for broth, why not check out this list of all the ways you can use Imagine Organic Broths. Bring some flavorful fun to every meal.

Oliver’s is proud to once again feature delicious Imagine Broths! Imagine broths are made with the highest quality ingredients and without any artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemicals, ensuring that you have the best broth possible for your recipes. And it’s not just good for the customer – Imagine also strives to work with certified organic farms and to use products that are both non-GMO and environmentally sustainable. Imagine Broth even packages exclusively in aseptic cartons, which results in significantly less packaging overall while also maintaining the flavor and freshness of their broths better than traditional packaging.

Broth is terrifically versatile and is now being recognized for its abilities as a health food too! Broth contains collagen and gelatin, both of which play a huge part in maintaining healthy skin and joints; additionally, broth contains nutrients necessary for immune support as well as cell regeneration. Imagine makes their broths with the best produce and meat too, so regardless of how you use it, you know your dishes will be bold and brilliant!

Here are ten easy ways to get more broth into your diet and bump up the flavors in your food at the same time:

  1. Poaching Eggs – Next time you’re looking for a quick breakfast, try poaching an egg in some broth! The broth imparts a rich, luxurious flavor to the egg while adding a natural protein boost, and poaching itself helps to keep the egg from becoming rubbery whether or not you accidentally overcook it. Throw in a handful of spinach and some sliced mushrooms for a meal that feels indulgent while still being healthy.
  2. Cooking Grains – You can use broth as a substitute for almost any recipe that calls for water, and one of the best ways to do this is with grains. Grains tend to taste quite plain on their own, which can make it difficult to convince picky eaters to give them a shot. Try using broth with rice, quinoa, risotto, or even polenta for a healthy, protein-packed side dish that has twice the flavor as normal.
  3. Mashed Potatoes – There’s practically nothing better than mashed potatoes, and with the holidays around the corner, this classic dish is going to be everywhere. Impress your guests simply by cooking your spuds in broth – it adds tons of flavor without all the fat of an ordinary mashed potato recipe! Then, instead of draining your potatoes like you normally would, reserve the broth to mix into your mash or to thicken soups and stews later.
  4. One-Pot Pasta – In today’s fast-paced society, it’s vital to have go-to recipes that are fast, healthy, and easy to prepare and clean – enter the wonder that is one-pot-pasta! By cooking the sauce and the pasta together, you wind up with a dish that is flavorful and fast, and by cooking with broth, you infuse the entire dish with protein and extra nutrients. Check out our recipe here to try it tonight!
  5. Broth Ice Cubes – Need to thin out your sauce but don’t want to compromise on flavor? What about adding some steam to sautéed veggies? Try making broth cubes! These convenient little cubes let you add just the right amount of liquid to your dish without washing out the flavor, or use them as a sneaky way to add a punch of protein to smoothies and shakes. Simply fill an ordinary ice cube tray with broth, freeze, and store the cubes in a resealable bag!
  6. Braising Meats – With fall finally getting into the swing of things, it’s time to start eating classic comfort foods like pot roast or coq au vin. By using broth, you add moisture to meat without sacrificing flavor; plus, the juices from the meat will mix with the broth to make a no-fuss gravy! Even seafood can benefit from the broth treatment – use fish broth in your next cioppino and experience the difference!
  7. Marinades – Just as broth can improve flavor as a cooking liquid, it can also add flavor before cooking as part of a marinade. Marinating helps to tenderize meats and prevent moisture loss while cooking, and they also are a great way to pack your meats with flavor. Use broth as a neutral base for building complex flavors, the succulence and depth it will add to your next meat dish will be unbelievable
  8. Homemade Gravy – Who says homemade gravy has to be hard? This year, ditch the gravy packets in favor of easy, broth-based gravy! Gravy is essentially stock or broth thickened with a mixture of flour and butter and flavored with herbs, spices, and aromatics. By using premade broth, you get the flavor of fresh gravy without the hassle, and since you’re making it yourself, you get to directly control just how much fat and salt are actually going into it, meaning a healthier gravy for you and a tastier gravy for your guests!
  9. Curries – Curries, while a cooking staple in the East, are finally beginning to take off in the West; these spicy, sweet gravies are loaded up with veggies and meats, making them a great option for the health-conscious. Try mixing your favorite curry paste with broth and coconut milk for a quick, week night meal, or double the broth and make a simple curry-coconut soup! Curries are known for being flavorful on their own, but by making them with broth, you’ll really get the most out of your curry!
  10. Just Sip It – Finally, no matter how many ways there are to use broth, the best way to enjoy it is on its own. Try a hot mug of broth flavored with turmeric, ginger, and scallions for a light meal with a lot of health benefits, or have it with just a little salt and pepper for when you’re trying to kick the latest cold bug. The broth itself is silky and warming, and it makes the perfect vehicle for all manner of spices and herbs.

There’s so much more that can be done with broth than just soups, and with the tremendous variety and high quality of Imagine Broths, the only limit you have is your imagination. Stop by Oliver’s and start your next broth adventure today!

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