How to Make the Perfect S’Mores!

Memorial Day is in the rear view mirror and summer is just about here.  Hot fun in the summertime!  Clean up the barbeque, get the fire pit out of the garage, find some long sticks or skewers and get ready ’cause it’s time for S’MORES!

I don’t know about you, but when I read the ingredients on a bag of marshmallows, contained therein are many, many ingredients I have no intention of putting in my mouth.  So how do I make S’MORES, then, you might wonder?  Well, I am a regular DIYer and like to make my own marshmallows.  They are pretty darn easy and it amazes people SO MUCH that that makes it even more fun!  Besides, you can add nearly anything you want to them.  Go ahead – make cinnamon red hot marshmallows.  I’ve done it.  Lemon ginger marshmallows?  Why not?  Once you’ve made the basic recipe you may then unleash your imagination.  Heck, I discovered a cure for migraines with one batch – a friend swore that my espresso maple crispy bacon marshmallows cured hers.  She called me at SEVEN in the morning to tell me.  Really.

So are you ready to start marshmallowing?  For brevity’s sake, I’m linking to David Liebovitz’s recipe for homemade marshmallows on his blog because it’s simple and has great instructions.  Click here for his recipe and get going, already.

Besides your homemade marshmallows, you will need some excellent chocolate and a good graham cracker.  Might I suggest the Valrhona Chocolate breakup bars in the Gourmet Cheese Departments for your chocolate needs?  Valrhona is extraordinary chocolate and all three flavors are superb for different reasons.  The 70% Guanaja dark is superb, deep, fruity and delightfully bittersweet.  The 40% milk chocolate, Jivara, is an “adult” version of milk chocolate, with balanced sugar levels and creamy deliciousness while the white chocolate, Ivoire, has flavor, elegant vanilla notes and a buttery mouth feel.  Chop any of these up and you’ll be well on your way to the S’Mores Hall of Fame.

Now you also need a good quality Graham Cracker to complete your task.  Effie’s Oatcakes and Effie’s Pecan Nutcakes, found in the Gourmet Cheese Departments, have an amazing, sandy texture and deep buttery goodness and are awesome in S’Mores.  Annie’s Organic Honey Grahams, in all three Oliver’s, rocked some pretty yummy S’Mores I made just last weekend.  If you’re dying to get carried away with DIYness, I’m pretty sure there’s a graham cracker recipe out there with your name on it, too.  Yeah, I’ve made them too, but it’s been years.

So, daydream about your perfect homemade marshmallow and S’Mores flavor.  Maybe a simple vanilla bean marshmallow is already perfect.  But maybe, just maybe, a dried sour cherry milk chocolate chip marshmallow could be just a little bit better.  You won’t know until you create them.  Just sayin’.

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