Greenhouse: Dreams & High Hopes

In the Winter of 2008, Greenhouse was recording their album Dreams & High Hopes at my studio, Jackalope Records.
One cold Sonoma County Sunday morning, a piper (a dude that played the bagpipes) was scheduled to come in and lay some bag on a few Greenhouse tracks.
“How do you do?”, the piper said. 
And then, he asked for a cup of tea.
“Tea? I don't have any tea. I have a beer, or maybe some cognac. But no tea.”
“I'd like some tea”, insisted the piper.
I'm thinking two things: uno, I usually don't record this early; no one has asked me for tea.
Two-o, the guy isn't a singer. Why does he need tea? He's squeezing a bag for gosh sakes!
“I've never been in a studio that didn't have tea” the piper said.
Those words stuck with me, and the following Wednesday morning, I saw Oliver's REV ad in the Press Democrat.
There was PG Tips Special Blend Tea Bags on sale, and I had an epiphany.
No one will ever not have tea at my studio again.

Eventually we finished Dreams & High Hopes. It stands with the best sounding music that has ever been made at Jackalope.
Michael Rofkar  (the leader of the band) had a beautiful vision with this album. The blending of well played guitars, mandolins, fiddles, accordions, bass, drums, harps, electric guitar, and of course- bagpipes, blend into an awesome musical stew.
Beautifully crafted original compositions mixed with traditional gems from the British Isles make Dreams & High Hopes play on your stereo like a well made movie does on your DVD player.

Check out Dreams & High Hopes by NorBay Award winning Greenhouse. They call their music Celtic Folk Fusion .
It's our Oliver's CD pick of the week and can be your for the low price of $8.99

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