Green Tip for April: Get More Green in Your Life!

It’s Spring! Time for spring cleaning, getting outside and – like the other seasons – being more conscious about our water and energy usage. Here are a few tips for easily getting more green in your life.

  • Use the automatic car wash instead of washing your car at home. 

This one may seem counterintuitive, but the difference in water usage will clinch it; automatic car washes use an average of 45 gallons/wash and often recycle their water for other uses. The average water used on a car wash at home? 80-140 gallons!

  • Drink more green beer.

We know St. Patrick’s Day has passed, but you can still green your beer drinking by choosing organic brews, which are made without the use of pesticides and by companies working for a sustainable world. You can also choose to buy beer in glass bottles instead of aluminum cans and order beer on tap instead of in bottles when dining out.

  • Ditch the chemical air fresheners.

The Natural Resources Defense Council tested 14 common air fresheners and found that 12 had chemicals that disrupt hormones and cause birth defects. Instead, try using baking soda, essential oils or opening the windows.

  • Go paperless.

Opt out of junk mailings and catalogs; you can often do that online. Pay bills online and get your credit card and bank statements online. It’s just as secure as sending a check and faster and easier on the environment. And you won’t have to file and store more paper!

  • Got allergies? 

Consider the culprits inside your home. For example, household paint can contain thousands of chemicals, many of which are toxic. The toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in some paint can be released into your home for up to six years after the painting was done. Choose low-VOC paint, which is water based, not smelly and less toxic.

And as always, we recommend you share with your family and friends what you’re doing to help save our planet, to live a more conscious and sustainable life and to learn more about how we can quickly and easily be more Green!


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