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Spring is upon us again and it’s time to enjoy all of the beautiful surroundings Sonoma County has to offer. May’s Green Item of the Month provides a sustainable way to have a wonderful picnic or BBQ at the park. Take the family or that special someone to the ocean or forest and know that you are doing your part to save our environment. World Centric ware will be on sale at all three Oliver’s locations during May. All your outdoor eating needs can be met with World Centric Biodegradable products.

We encourage people to use reusable containers when embarking on outdoor adventures. However, if this is not a viable option, how about using biodegradable products or a combination of the two?

Using biodegradable products offers many environmental benefits as compared to petroleum-based products, for example, by breaking down in 30 to 90 days instead of the thousands of years it can take petroleum products to fully degrade. World Centric products are made from renewable sources, and with proper management will be a viable option indefinitely. Their products meet FDA standards for food contact and are gluten-free. They are made from the wheat stalks and not from the food grain which stores the proteins and allergens.

World Centric has many sustainable facets to its business, demonstrating that they care about the environment, the community and their workers. Not only are their products biodegradable and compostable, they pride themselves on social equity and giving back to the community. World Centric is setting positive examples for other businesses in the following ways: having a zero carbon footprint; offsetting their total carbon emissions by partnering with grassroots environmental and social organizations, whose programs have the additional benefit of creating sustainable livelihoods for their employees. They also donate 32% of their net profits to charity and give 25% of their pre-tax profits to create social and environmental sustainability. World Centric provides a 20% discount to schools and non-profits, and offer compostable lunch trays at cost to replace Styrofoam trays. They are committed to using renewable energy and power their offices using a combination of wind and solar energy and strive to be a zero-waste office.

Together with Oliver’s and World Centric, you can make the Earth healthier and happier for yourself and your family. So get out, enjoy the spring, and help our Mother Earth by choosing a product that gives back to her.

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