Green Efforts: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

January is often thought of as the month of new beginnings, the first month of a new year, a time to wash away last year and start a new. So to begin this New Year Oliver’s is offering Mrs. Meyers products at discounted prices for January. This wonderfully eco-friendly product will help you keep your home and belongings clean, while not degrading our planet. A lesson that we can all learn from. Mrs. Meyers dish soap, laundry liquid, and fabric softener will leave you feeling clean and green for what is to be a wonderful year of 2013.

Mrs. Meyers Company has a long tradition of creating earth friendly product that gets the job done. Since the beginning Thelma, the founder, has been using essential oils, flowers, and herbs in her cleaning products. No chemistry set needed to get the wonderful scents her products possess. Additionally, Mrs. Meyers is cruelty-free, meaning none of their products are tested on animals. A certain benefit of using products Mother Nature produces, much less testing is required.

At Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, their employees are the number one asset. They strive to maintain an appropriate work / life balance to ensure our employees are happy and enjoy coming to work each day. When appropriate, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day works with employees to allow telecommuting, alternate work schedules, compressed work weeks and part-time schedules, helping to provide flexibility in this ever changing world. 

The environment is important to Mrs. Meyers; they feel it is imperative to go beyond making earth-friendly products. They’re committed to using earth-friendly practices and have instituted them in their home office to protect and care for the environment. Mrs. Meyers has created a Green Team. There’ve instituted a cross department team to help address key environmental issues and execute green initiatives both at work and at home. Their goal is to inform, encourage and support employees in the quest to become a more sustainable and earth-friendly organization. No goal is too small and positive change is accessible with each step.

Additional sustainable projects include using recycled materials for their bottles. Reducing paper consumption through increased electronic communication, and using paper with recycled content when needed. Creating an employee carpool system, offering reduced public transportation cost, encouraging walking and biking by offering employee incentives, and adopting a greenway bike trail to ensure comfortable riding conditions. As a special holiday gift, Mrs. Meyers planted a tree for each employee. Mrs. Meyers takes pride in the sourcing of their raw materials, ensuring that people and the environment are treated well when harvesting.

Because of all of these reasons, Mrs. Meyers is Oliver’s Green Item of the Month for January, 2013. Please check out all of their wonderful products at one of Oliver’s three locations and start your New Year off with a green, clean, wonderfully smelling slate.

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