Green Efforts: Green Planet Water

Using plastic water bottles is an egregious waste of resources. The U.S. alone consumes 1,500 plastic water bottles every second, adding up to an astronomical 129,600,000 water bottles a day! While this number is mind boggling, there are solutions. The best solution is to carry a reusable water bottle that you can refill as needed. If this is not an option, then use a bottle made from plant materials, which can break down and reintegrate with their surroundings.

Green Planet wants to make a difference. They aren't interested in simply being another bottled water company. What they are interested in is being a bottled water company that helps create a better world for our kids. Their bottles are made from plants, not petroleum, so they're better for the planet and the 6.8 billion people who call Earth home.  In short, Green Planet is the ideal solution in which everybody wins – you, the planet, and our kids.

Green Planet Bottling has launched a 100% plant-based, bioplastic bottle, which means it is recyclable, commercially compostable, and reusable when hand‐washed between uses. This petroleum and BPA-free bottle is filled with vapor distilled water; for consistent flavor, minerals are carefully added to give the water a refreshing, clean taste.

Green Planet Water is available in three retail sizes: 350ml, 500ml, and 1 liter.

“Green Planet is leading the industry in responding to consumer concerns with our completely plant‐based bottle,” says Danny Rubenstein, President and CEO of Green Planet Bottling. “Green Planet bottles reduce dependency on oil and provide an alternative to petroleum‐based plastic bottles,” adds Rubenstein.

“We are a society on the go and access to bottled water is a necessity,” says Janet DiGiovanna, Chief Marketing Officer of Green Planet Bottling. “When we’re traveling, especially in airports, we need an alternative choice, and Green Planet is the better bottle.”

Here are some of the environmental benefits of Green Planet Water:

  • Making the Ingeo source material for Green Planet’s bottles produces 60% less greenhouse gases and uses 50% less non‐renewable energy than producing traditional plastics like PET & PS.
  • The bottles are commercially compostable in 84 days.
  • The bottles are reusable (when hand‐washed between uses), which helps to reduce waste.
  • The bottles are recyclable (in all recycling programs that accept #7 bottles).
  • Green Planet bottles are filled by regional suppliers using water that has been treated by vapor distillation to remove all impurities, with minerals added for taste.
  • Regional distribution ensures that less fuel is wasted to transport the bottles.

Every bottle counts, and Green Planet is contributing to the solution instead of the problem. We are proud to sell this sustainable product in our three store locations. We encourage you to look at your water consumption and see how you can help be part of the solution as well. Thank you!

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