Green Efforts: Dry Creek Vineyards

Dry Creek Vineyards, Fume Blanc, has been selected as Oliver’s Green Item of the Month, for December. Dry creek has proven themselves a leader in the sustainable wine making community. We are proud to partner with a business that shows a high level of commitment to making the best product and stewarding the land.

Just recently, Dry Creek received an award from The Leadership Institute of Economy and Ecology for their Leadership in Sustainability. There are many reasons Dry Creek received this award, including their commitment to considering the 3 E’s of sustainability (Environment, Economy, Social Equity), in the decisions they make.

Dry Creek’s movement away from “typical American style of farming, which relies on chemicals as the solution to specific vineyard problems” towards “a more earth-friendly approach called integrated crop management”, which emulates the natural cycle and issue management of mother earth, was a paradigm shift guiding them on their journey of sustainability.

Cover crops such as clover and bell beans are used to rebuild depleted soils with nutrients, while minimizing the use of fertilizers. Once cover crops have fully matured they are tilled back into the earth adding additional nourishment to the land. Blending of seed type allows flowering at different times of the year, providing a more consistent cover, while also providing year around habitat for predators of pest.

Raptor perches serve the winery and the diversity of the environment. Redtail hawks and barn owls have adopted these shaded perches as their homes, regulating the gopher and rodent populations on the vineyard. This alleviates the need for chemical deterrents.

Deficit irrigation: water needs on different areas of the vineyard are measured and water according to specific needs. This allows the adjustment of irrigation, which mitigates overwatering and helps optimize fruit quality.

Riparian habitat management: removal of non-native plant species, and planting and promotion of native species, benefits many facets of the vineyard. These acts increase bio-diversity of the land, which in turn helps diminish non-native pest species.

All these actions and more lead to a better environment and community for all. We would like to thank Dry Creek for their commitment to sustainability and leaving a better future for the next generations.

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