Green Efforts: BioBag

Oliver’s is excited to have BioBag compostable bags as our March Green Item of the Month. We picked this item in support of the growing alternatives to petroleum based plastic bags. Most citizens are aware of the negative effects plastic has on our environment and health. As alternatives grow, it becomes easier and more economically viable to use these alternatives.

BioBag does a tremendous job of producing all products with their “mater-bi” grade biodegradable materials. Biodegradability is characteristic of natural substances and materials being assimilated by micro-organisms, and thus introduced into the natural cycles.

When natural organic materials go into the ground, they tend to decompose progressively, to disappear. This phenomenon is very important for the environment, which has to get rid of waste to make room for new life. Trees, plants and algae, meaning photosynthetic organisms, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, with the power of the sun, the inexhaustible source of energy, use it to synthesize sugars, and a whole range of other substances present in Nature.

The flow of substances and energy passes along the food chain from the plants to the herbivores, and from these, to carnivores. However, this mechanism would quickly become blocked if the opposite process did not exist, that is, if it was not possible to release carbon dioxide from organic material. So, in natural equilibrium, the process of biodegradation is as important as that of photosynthesis, of which it is both the outcome and the starting point. An important role is played in biodegradation by micro-organisms, which are present in every environment, and which are fed by organic waste. Thus, organic material is transformed again into carbon dioxide, thereby completing the natural cycle.

This process, which is so important to the environment, is void when dealing with petroleum based plastics. “Typical” plastics, never bio-degrade. They do however, photo-degrade, which makes capture of these materials nearly impossible and invasive into all facets of the environment. BioBag offers an eco-friendly alternative. A product that can return back to the environment in which it came.

It is important to note that Sonoma Compost does not accept any type of bio-plastics at this time. This is due to their strict organic material only policy. These policies ensure that the amendment used on your garden is 100% organic. However, if you have home compost, you can put this bag into the compost and it will break down normally.

We at Oliver’s would like to thank BioBag for producing an earth-friendly product. Alternatives to plastic are extremely important on our journey to a sustainable future.

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