Green Efforts: Annie’s Homegrown

Annie’s homegrown products offer consumers a healthy twist on some of our favorite foods. Cold weather can often have us wanting to stay inside and eat those foods that make you feel warm and comfortable inside. Annie’s organic Mac and Cheese, which is on sale all of February, gives you that comfort food pleasure without the concern of eating unhealthy food. Annie’s is committed to providing a tasty, health product while making business decisions that benefit the environment.

If it’s not real, it’s not Annie’s. That’s why every ingredient used to make Annie’s food is chosen with care. The farmers who grow their ingredients are just as passionate about quality and sustainability, and Annie’s values the people and places that help their product travel from farm to fork. Annie’s makes it their responsibility to take on important issues–such as supporting organic practices and honest labeling – so you can be sure that the products you buy from Annie’s are as authentic as possible.

Annie’s works with suppliers they trust to source only non-GMO ingredients. They believe the best tasting food comes from simple, pure, natural and organic ingredients. Annie’s also believes that you have the right to know what’s in your food. As a food company that strongly supports organic farming, they are firmly opposed to genetically engineered ingredients in any of their products and believe that people should be able to make informed choices about what foods they eat. Annie’s is taking several steps to help protect our food system against GMOs

In 2011, Annie’s moved offices and built a new space with an express intent to achieve LEED certification and thereby reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. As part of their efforts, they chose the following: Central location – Their office location is centrally located and within walking distance to public transportation, restaurants, shops and more. Recycled furniture – 98% of the furniture in the office is recycled, thus preventing the harvest of new materials, avoiding landfill and reducing our environmental footprint. Bamboo floors – Eco-friendly bamboo is rapidly renewable, growing to maturity in only 3-7 years (versus 50-150 years for many hardwood trees). Energy efficient lighting – Occupancy sensors and optimized lighting practices reduce our lighting power by 42%. Water efficient fixtures – Low-flow, water-conserving fixtures reduce our annual water use by 35%. Energy efficient equipment – More than 70% of equipment is Energy Star certified. Green power – 100% of electricity usage is offset with renewable energy credits.

Additionally Annie’s has done a tremendous job of diverting materials from the landfill. They know there is a lot that can be done to keep waste out of landfills, which is why Annie’s not only recycle our bottles, cans, cardboard and paper in our Berkeley office, but we also compost. Did you know that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 25% of the U.S. solid waste stream consists of yard trimmings and food residuals? Instead of sending these materials to landfill, we put them in a separate bin and the City of Berkeley picks them up and converts them to useful and environmentally beneficial compost

Oliver’s is proud to highlight Annie’s as our Green Item of the Month. For the reasons above and many more Annie’s has set a high standard for food quality and intelligent sustainability practices. Please visit one of our three locations and enjoy some of Annie’s wonderful products at discounted prices for February. For further information on the great job Annie’s is doing, visit their website:

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