Game Day Entertaining – Play-by-Play

This Sunday’s football game is as much about the gathering as it is about the show. This year, we’re sharing our game-plan to ensure that you can not only watch the big game, but serve up the delicious food for halftime. Here’s our fool-proof plan to make this Sunday’s game a touchdown!


Make a menu of everything you’ll need for the big day. Start with drinks, appetizers, and then work your way down. Go easy on yourself and grab some of our already pre-made items in our Bakery, Meat Dept., and Deli Grab & Go, like our favorite Rocky Party Wings, BBQ, or any of our dips! Don’t forget the dessert!



Before everything gets started, set out light snacks like chips, dip, and veggies. Have drinks iced down in a cooler or in the fridge. Pre-heat the oven for your appetizers in the first quarter. Think of this as “cocktail hour.”



During the lull and commercial break after the coin toss, heat up the appetizers in the oven for a few minutes (or however long you need), and set them out on the coffee table.

Need some appetizer ideas? Try our pre-cooked and marinated Rocky Party Wings ($10.99), Nachos, or our signature Artichoke-Jalapeno Dip ($4.99!). This is another opportunity to refresh the cooler or fridge with beverages.



Light up the barbecue for your halftime food (burgers, sausages, etc.). No charcoal? That’s ok! Oliver’s BBQ is open from 10am-5pm; while the menu may be limited, it’s still the Oliver’s barbecue you know and love. Let us help you skip the mess and stress!



Here we go! All eyes are on you… and Justin Timberlake. This is the time to put out the bigger fare, like sub sandwiches (yeah, we have those!), burgers, and our favorite Coleman Chicken Sausages. Throw your meat items on the grill and get ‘em ready for the big show.

Start brewing coffee or hot water for tea (if your household partakes).



As the third quarter approaches the two-minute warning, set out desserts on the coffee table and the hot coffee & water with tea bags on the buffet. Announce to everyone present that you have coffee already made!

Need some dessert ideas? Pick up some delicious sweet treats from the Oliver’s Bakery!


Regardless of how you’re enjoying the big game this year, Oliver’s has everything you need to bring your food A-game!

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