Featured Farm: Allstar Organics

Allstar Organics began in 1994 when husband Marty Jacobson and wife Janet Brown planted a one-acre crop of heirloom tomatoes in their home garden in Lagunitas. Marty and Janet’s devotion to a diversified and vertically integrated approach to farming based on quality and innovation has led them into establishing a reputation among bay area chefs, produce managers, retailers, and loyal farmer’s market shoppers. Certified organic for over 20 years, a specialty produce from and value-added handling and processing operation locating in Marin and Sonoma counties.

The farm includes two acres of aromatic plants and edible flowers at their home in Lagunitas, CA., 10 acres of specialty and heirloom crops located in Nicasio, CA., and 27 acres of specialty crops at a third location in Petaluma, CA.

Dedicated to a routine of organic soil enrichment programs in order to maintain soil fertility… the foundation of their vegetable and herb production, resulting in vivid colors, textures, fragrances, flavors, and nutritional quality. In addition, they have created an extraordinary line of essential oils and hydrosol distilled on the farm; a unique and growing line of dried herbs, herbal salts and sugars produced and processed on the farm!

Allstar Organics is a continuously certified organic farm in operation since 1994.

We are certified organic by Global Culture. Our production field in Nicasio at LaFranchi Family Dairy Ranch enjoys the benefit of a Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) easement. Currently, MALT protects, in perpetuity, over 50% of all land zoned for agriculture throughout west Marin County. We rely on the experience and advice of our fellow farmers, and our local UC Extension, for ongoing information and support about sustainable agriculture. Visit the Grown in Marin website for more information about Marin’s agricultural producers. We benefit directly from the organizations that steadfastly promote the farmers’ market culture and practice: Agricultural Institute of Marin (AIM) and The Center for Education About Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)

“There is a natural alliance between independent, local or regional grocers and small-scale, organic, local farms. This connection provides an important edge for the grocers by offering customers exceptional produce that is fresher and organically grown, heirloom varieties that are unique and nutritious, and foods that are connected, culturally, economically and geographically, to the land and communities around them.”

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