Dillon Recommends Fitzgerald Kelly White Nectarines

“Summer is officially here! The Fitzgerald White Nectarines are by far my favorite fruit that we carry all year. They are sweet like sugar, with a firm texture. You can find these beauties at all four of our locations.”

Fitzgerald Kelly is a sustainable peach and nectarine grower from Kingsburg, just south of Fresno. His fruit is lovingly farmed through the growing season, and then hand-picked and hand-packaged at the peak of ripeness, resulting in outstanding quality season after season.

His commitment to tree ripening their fruit for optimal quality is not always done these days, and it’s something that we care about a great deal. Fully tree ripened fruit takes more time and has more risk, but the rewards are truly amazing. The season is short, so shouldn’t every peach and nectarine you enjoy this season be outstanding? Try Fitzgerald Kelly’s stone fruit and you will never be disappointed.

Oliver’s began buying fruit from Fitzgerald Kelly about ten years ago when he approached Oliver’s Produce Coordinator Mike Peterson with the promise that he had the best stone fruit in the world. The price was a little high, but Fitz left a sample box of white nectarines to try, and we have carried them ever since. The relationship is one we take great pride in, and our customers know to watch for the arrival of his fruit each year. And we are not the only ones: Top pastry chefs in LA and the finest Farmers Markets in Southern California all make room for Fitzgerald Kelly each year.

Get to know Fitzgerald Kelly this week at Oliver’s and experience truly tree ripened stone fruit of the best quality. You will be glad you did.

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