Delivering on Our Own Waste: Turning Grease Into Fuel

Oliver’s has gone full circle! We are proud to announce that we will be using our own grease to power our delivery truck. Oliver’s has been selling its grease to Yokayo Biofuels and will now be using the finished product—biodiesel–to run our delivery truck. This decision has many benefits for our company and implements what Oliver’s strives for: local, green partnerships. Knowing that our delivery truck is using locally and sustainably produced fuel sets a tremendous example for other local businesses. From now on, no foreign or fossil fuel will be used to delivery Oliver’s healthy food.

Biodiesel is better for the environment than conventional fuel. For example, greenhouse gasses produced by burning biodiesel are 50-75% less than those released by #2 diesel. Also, the burning of biodiesel adds no carbon to the biosphere. As you probably know, all living beings sequester carbon in their bodies throughout their life cycle, and after death, release the carbon back into the system. When burning fuels captured by creatures living millions of years ago, we are releasing carbon that has been held out of the biosphere that long. The imbalance from this excessive carbon in the atmosphere has caused some of the environmental problems we are seeing throughout the world now. Another benefit of using biodiesel fuel is that by recycling the grease that makes biodiesel, we are keeping it out of any landfills, and turning it into a useful product that replaces a more environmentally detrimental product.

Oliver’s is happy to be partnering with Yokayo Biofuels–a Ukiah-based collection and refinement company–and enhancing the relationship we started when we began selling Yokayo our grease. In spite of some concerns that biofuels compete with food production, it is not an issue with the biodiesel produced by Yokayo, since all the materials they use are fats, grease, and oils that would otherwise be disposed of and not reused.

We at Oliver’s are so excited to actively lessen our dependence on foreign fuel sources by continuing to work locally with this fuel company; sourcing and refining locally also reduces green house gas emissions from the transportation of foreign fuels into our county, state, and country. Continuing to improve our business, community and earth, Oliver’s remains a leader in sustainability. Thank you for supporting us!

For more information about Yokayo call them at (707) 472-0900 or visit them at

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