Dad Rocks – Our Whiskey Picks

Dad’s big day is just around the corner. Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to give your dad a bottle of something special. To make it easy, we’ve rounded up our favorite whiskeys that any dad would love. Take your pick this week from our all-star lineup.

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey, 750ml. – $28.99

This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a high-rye, small batch bourbon. Delicious on the rocks.

Jameson Irish Whiskey, 750ml. – $18.99

A whiskey classic. Triple distilled, twice as smooth, and one of a kind.

Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 750ml. – $19.99

Made with soft red winter wheat instead of the usual rye. Maker’s Mark is a full-flavored bourbon that’s never bitter.

1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, 750ml. – $19.99

Unmistakable spice mingles with sweet caramel and vanilla to create a bourbon that is incomparably bash and bold, yet smooth and balanced.

Knob Creek Bourbon or Rye Whiskey, 750ml. – $19.99

Knob Creek is part of the Original Small Batch Bourbon Collection that coined the term, “Small Batch.” Since then, they have become widely known for their big, full-flavored whiskeys.

Bulleit Bourbon or Rye Whiskey, 1.75L – $36.99

Bulleit Rye is an award-winning, straight rye whiskey with a character of unparalleled spice and complexity.

Jack Daniel’s Barrel Aged Rye Whiskey, 750lml. – $17.99

Crafted with Jack Daniel’s 70-percent rye grain bill, natural spring water from their own Cave Spring Hollow.

Glenfiddich 12-year Single Malt Whisky, 750ml. – $25.99

Carefully matured in the finest American oak and European oak sherry casks for at least 12 years!

Speyburn 10 Year Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, 750ml. – $17.99

This is a perfectly-balanced Scottish single malt whiskey.

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