March 9, 2012

Green Efforts: BioBag

Oliver’s is excited to have BioBag compostable bags as our March Green Item of the Month. We picked this item in support of the growing alternatives to petroleum based plastic bags. Most citizens are aware of the negative effects plastic has on our environment and health. As alternatives grow, it becomes easier and more economically […]

March 1, 2012

Cline Cellars- A tradition since 1927

Oliver’s welcomes Cline Cellars as our Winery of the Month for March. In the latter part of the 1800s, Oakley, Contra Costa County was a booming farming community with thousands of acres of orchards and healthy vineyards. Fred Cline's maternal grandfather, Valeriano Jacuzzi of pump and spa fame, called this place home. On summer visits […]

February 3, 2012

Green Efforts: Valley of the Moon

Oliver’s Market Green Item for the month of February is Valley of the Moon’s (a Heck Estates Winery) 2010 Rosato Di Sangiovese. We have selected this wine because of Heck Estates’ commitment to being sustainable and its perfect Valentine’s Day coupling. Heck Estate's has a long history in Sonoma County; with vineyards producing grapes for […]

January 25, 2012

Real Food. Real People…means passion

For me, “Real Food, Real People,” means  leveraging my experience, as the Montecito Produce Manager, to offer our customers the best produce at our stores. I'm passionate about produce and especially passionate about great produce that is organic, local, tree ripened  or handpicked.  In the thirty years I've been selling produce in Sonoma County I've […]

January 11, 2012

Real Food. Real People…starts with commitment

For me, “Real Food, Real People” starts with our commitment to the local economy. As a twenty-seven year resident of Sonoma County, I’m proud to work for a company that walks their talk about supporting local vendors & suppliers. As the Supplement and Body Care Buyer, it means getting to work with amazing Sonoma County […]

January 6, 2012

Green Efforts: Straus Family Creamery

Oliver’s is proud to showcase Straus Family Creamery’s organic yogurt as our Green Item of the Month. Bill and Ellen Straus’ tremendous history of land stewardship and progressive dairy management began after Ellen read Rachel Carson’s seminal Silent Springs. We at Oliver’s are pleased to partner with a business that is a leader in sustainable […]

January 4, 2012

Real Food. Real People. It’s the truth.

Hi I’m Michael Moody and these are my daughters Cristiana and Alessandra. I started working at Oliver’s 15 years ago as a dishwasher while I was attending Sonoma State University. Over the years I grew with the company and I’ve managed the Natural Foods Departments for several years now.   I wear many hats in […]

December 30, 2011

Meet Our Meat

Oliver's Market Meat Departments is a cross over market offering a wide variety of fresh items that would interest the hard core natural food shopper as well as staple items for the more conventionally minded shopper. Every section in our meat case has something for almost every kind of meat or seafood consumer. One particular […]

December 23, 2011

Keeping Your Card Information Safe

In this day and age, for every advance in technology, there is someone out there trying to exploit it. Since the recent card skimming incident at Lucky's, we here at Oliver's Market have spent the aftermath revisiting our security measures, to ensure that we are keeping our customer's information safe. Card skimming can take many […]

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