Brew Dog Exclusive

James and Martin founded Brew Dog in 2007. Tired of the glut of non-craft beer dominating the U.K., they started brewing their own. Starting with 2 employees and selling it out of their “beat up old van”; they founded Brew Dog. They now have a reality Television Show, over 135 employees, 10 Brewpubs and over 6500 shareholders in their business. These two are a shining example of dedication to their passions.

We at Oliver’s also are dedicated to our passions, came from modest beginnings and are proud to feature Brew Dog Beer exclusively in our stores in the North Bay. We sought them out and have them all to ourselves for the next month, before they are available elsewhere. From the flagship Punk IPA to the Libertine Black Ale, these are finely crafted beers. Please enjoy the five varieties of their beers we are offering in both 4 Pack and 660 ml sizes.

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