Beemster Red Wax Gouda – This is “Gouda” Stuff!

Gouda; pronounced How-da by the Dutch, is an orange cheese made from cow's milk. The cheese is named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. The cheese is dried for a few days before being coated with a red wax to prevent it from drying out, then it is aged. Depending on age classification, it can be aged a number of weeks to over seven years before it is ready to be eaten. As it ages, it develops a caramel sweetness and sometimes has a slight crunchiness from salt-like calcium lactate or tyrosine crystals that form in older cheeses.

Gouda is exported in two varieties: Young Gouda cheese, aged between 1 and 6 months, is a rich yellow in color and with a red or yellow paraffin wax coating. This cheese is easily sliced with a cheese slicer. Older Gouda cheese has a pungent underlying bitterness, yet is considerably creamier; it sometimes is discernible by a black paraffin wax coating. This strong-tasting cheese is hard and often brittle.

Beemster cheeses come from a farmers’ co-op in The Netherlands that has been making delicious cheeses for over a century. In 1612, Dutch engineers, using a system of dykes and windmills, drained the marshes and bogs of the Beemster polder and converted the land into pastures. The polder is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nourished by sea water, the clay soil left behind is nutrient and mineral rich, with a distinctive slate blue color. This terroir yields grasses that are more fertile and thicker and longer than others, giving the milk produced there an especially sweet and creamy quality. It is here that farmers work hard to preserve the landscape for future generations while providing the best care for their animals and the highest quality milk. The Caring Dairy partnership has allowed for a structured approach to help ensure ongoing sustainability steps from the cow all the way to the consumer. As they say: “Happy Cows, Happy Farmers, Happy Planet”.

Beemster Red Wax Gouda is young by Beemster standards; being aged just two months.

The cheese has a mild, nut like flavor and a creamy texture. It is especially good with Red wine, Beer, and dark breads, but don’t count it out for slicing to top a burger, cubed in salads, or a great addition to a cheese platter.

We are featuring Beemster Red Wax Gouda in our first quarter Rev, (Real Everyday Values), flyer for $5.99.

An incredible price to put centuries of tradition on your table!

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