August’s Green Tip: Balancing Water Usage

Summer is in full swing and the temperatures are rising. During the hottest season it becomes more imperative to conserve water. Gardens and lawns are integral parts of our homesteads which bring joy and lots of family fun. Millions of gallons of water are used in gardens and lawns each year —many of them wastefully. Below are a few ways to keep your outside area lush and beautiful, while conserving this precious resource. 

  • Adjust your lawn mower to a higher setting because longer grass retains water better.
  • Water at night or in the early morning when temperatures are cooler to minimize evaporation.
  • Check your sprinkler system regularly and adjust sprinklers so only your lawn is watered and not the house, sidewalk, or street.
  • Collect and use rainwater for watering your garden.
  • Direct downspouts or gutters toward shrubs or trees.
  • Install a drip irrigation system around your trees and shrubs to water more efficiently.

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