At Oliver’s, Every Day is Earth Day

At Oliver’s Market, we’ve been celebrating Earth Day every day since we opened our doors in 1988. You could say that our roots are in fresh, organic produce. Today, you can see it up and down every aisle, every day in our ever-growing selection of natural and organic products. From Asparagus to Zucchini, we offer you the best selection of seasonal, organically grown produce around. We’re also proud to partner with FEED Sonoma, bringing us seasonal, local produce whenever possible. From natural meats and cheeses to organic pizzas and laundry powder, we’re getting greener every day!

Here are some of our favorite ways to be green (and save some green, too!).

Buy in Bulk- In short, bulk items use less packaging, which translates to less energy. We have an extensive, growing selection of bulk foods to choose from. Plus, you can buy as little or as much as you need! Next time you’re headed to grocery shop, bring your own jars and fill ’em up in our bulk section. Don’t know where to start? Ask one of our bulk clerks!

Recycled Products- Did you know…  It takes less energy to manufacture a recycled product than a brand new one. So, if you buy recycled-packaged products, you’ll help energize a market and conserve energy along the way.

Clean Green- When you have a choice, choose cleaning products that have the least environmental footprint. we have one of the largest selections of natural, green cleaning supplies! Did you know… buying and using laundry powder significantly reduces your environmental footprint? The product isn’t using tons of water, which results in lower shipping cost and lower water intake.

Paper or plastic? Our brown bags are made of 100% recycles paper. If you can do without a paper bag, look for any one of our many reusable Oliver’s shopping bags. They’re only 99¢!

We invite you to celebrate Earth Day with Oliver’s every time you shop and fill your cart with smart, earth-friendly choices. At Oliver’s Market, we’re working harder every day to make our market a better place to shop & save — quite naturally. The future really is in our hands.


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