Aperol – an Italian Sensation

Although this Italian liqueur has been around for almost 100 years, and has had a faithful following ever since, Aperol, and the most popular concoction made from it – the Aperol Spritz, has gained an ever increasing devoted following. Walk around anywhere in Italy’s Veneto region, and you will see glasses of glowing orange, adorning dozens of tables in outdoor cafes. And that’s not where its popularity stops! It is popular as well, not only all over Italy, but in Germany, and now, it is making its way to our shores, where it is taking New York by storm.

So just what is this stuff? Well, Aperol is a relatively low alcohol, (11%), liqueur, composed of, among other things; bitter orange, rhubarb, and thirty herbs, roots, and spices. It has a somewhat similar flavor profile to Campari, though with more of an orange character. Although it can be used in many cocktails, by far the most common place you will find Aperol is in an Aperol Spritz! This delicious aperitif is just the thing for a hot summer day, and will not leave you feeling like it’s time for a nap; although if you want to feel really Italian, then knocking off for a couple of hours in the middle of the day is pretty standard procedure…

So how do you make the drink, you ask? Well, as they say; making it is as easy as 3-2-1! The 3 is three parts Prosecco, the 2 is two parts Aperol, and the 1 is one part soda water. Just put some ice into a glass, (you can use a tumbler, but in Italy they are always served in a large, balloon wine glass), then put in a slice of orange, (blood orange is the preferred type), and add your Prosecco, then the Aperol, and finally the dash of soda. That’s it!

Set yourself outside where you can watch the world go by, and sip your refreshing cocktail. Don’t forget to eat the orange at the end! That’s the ultimate finale!

Cin Cin!

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