A Toast to Trailblazers

This week at Oliver’s, we are introducing you to a few of our favorite local trailblazers who are crafting high quality spirits in Sonoma County. We are proud to support these local businesses as they create an exciting new specialty for our region, and pass the attractive prices we have negotiated along to you.

We could go on and on about how proud we are to work with these trailblazers of the craft spirits world. However, here is what each one of them had to say about their partnership with Oliver’s Market, as well as a tasty cocktail recipe:

Spirit Works Distillery, Timo and Ashby Marshall:

“Right from the beginning, the support from Oliver’s has made a huge difference in our business. Not only has Oliver’s been an open avenue for selling our product, but they have helped us tell our story, which has brought a lot of customers to our tasting room to learn more about us.”

Spirit Works Sloe Gin – Sloe Royal (Link Here)



Lost Republic Distilling Company, Matt Weese

“It is wonderful to have a brand ambassador to the community that supports local brands over large national brands. The base of any company is the community that supports it. Oliver’s has rallied the community behind our small company, and for that we are grateful.”

Lost Republic Bourbon – Lost Republic Mule Recipe (LINK HERE)



Sonoma Brothers Distilling, Chris and Brandon Matthies

“We appreciate Oliver’s commitment to supporting local craft brands and embracing Sonoma County, which are the same values that we have. Our direct market is Sonoma County, and Oliver’s has been a major player in making our products available to consumers. The distillery is in Windsor, and the new Oliver’s location there has been a huge help to us. It’s the main place we refer customers from our distillery to purchase products.”

Sonoma Brothers Distilling Vodka – Sonoma Brothers Bloody Mary (LINK HERE)



Griffo Distillery, Michael and Jenny Griffo

“For us, Oliver’s is our most important account. Oliver’s customers really care about where and how things are made and where the ingredients come from. It’s a great fit with how we do business, so as customers learn our story, it resonates with them and they support our product. It’s a great partnership.”

Griffo Distillery Gin – Southside (LINK HERE)


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